New Library Books

 Date of Purchase Title Author
10-9-2023  Aesop & Company  B. Bader
 10-9-2023  Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping  M. Watt
 10-9-2023  Dog Man Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea  D. Pilkey
 10-26-23  Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid  J. Kinney
 10-26-23  Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories  J. Kinney
 10-26-23  Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure  J. Kinney
 10-26-23  Paws Mindy Makes Some Space  M. Assarasakorn
 10-26-23  Paws Gabby Gets It Together  M. Assarasakorn
 10-26-23  The Last Comics on Earth  M. Brallier
 10-26-23  Agent Stitch A Study in Slime  S. Behling
 10-26-23  Pokemon Legendary Nightmare  M. Rusu
 10-26-23  Pokemon Wrath of the Legends  S. Whitehill
 10-26-23  Sonic the Hedgehog Trial by Fire  E. Stanley
 10-26-23  Sonic the Hedgehog Battle for the Empire  I. Flynn
 10-26-23  I Survived the Galveston Hurricane, 1900  L. Tarshis
 10-26-23  I Survived the Wellington Avalanche, 1910  L. Tarshis
 10-26-23  The Bad Guys in The Others?!  A Blabey
 10-26-23  Pete the Cat Plays Hide-and-Seek  J. Dean
 10-26-23 Pete the Cat Crayons Rock!   J. Dean
 10-26-23  Pete the Cat Firefighter Pete  J. Dean
 10-26-23  Pete the Cat Super Pete  J. Dean
 10-26-23  Pete the Cat Snow Daze  J. Dean
 10-26-23  Pete the Kitty and the Unicorn's Missing Colors  J. Dean
 10-26-23  The Bad Guys in Let the Games Begin! A. Blabey 
 10-26-23  Cat on the Run  A. Blabey
 10-26-23  I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Graphic Novel  L. Tarshis
 10-26-23  I Survived the American Revolution, 1776 Graphic Novel  L. Tarshis
 10-26-23  I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871 Graphic Novel  L. Tarshis
 10-26-23  Prehistoric Predators  B. Switek
 10-26-23  How Do Dinosaurs Learn to be KInd?  J. Yolen
 10-26-23 Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!   M. Willems
 10-26-23  Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Posh Paris Adventure  R. Russell
 10-26-23  FGTeeV The Switcheroo Rescue!  FGTeeV
 10-26-23  FGTeeV Out of Time!  FGTeeV
 10-26-23  CatKid Comic Club  D. Pilkey
 10-26-23  CatKid Comic Club Perspectives  D. Pilkey
 10-26-23  CatKid Comic Club On Purpose  D. Pilkey
 10-26-23  Wings of Fire The Graphic Novel Book Six Moon Rising  T. Sutherland
 10-26-23  Miles Morales Stranger Tides  J. Reynolds
 10-26-23  CatKid Comic Club Collaborations D. Pilkey 
 10-26-23  Four Eyes  R. Ogle
 10-26-23  Big Nate Blow the Roof Off!  L. Peirce
 The Big Adventures of Babymouse Once Upon a Messy Whisker  J. Holm
 10-26-23  Meet Five Marvel Super Heroes  Marvel
 10-26-23  The Baby-Sitters Club Stacey's Mistake Graphic Novel  E. Crenshaw
 10-26-23  The Baby-Sitters Club Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery  C. Cheng
 10-26-23  The Baby-Sitters Club Jessi's Secret Language  C Chau
 10-26-23  The Baby-Sitters Club Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye  G Epstein
 12-4-23  Diary of a Wimpy Kid No Brainer  J. Kinney
 12-4-23  2024 Book of World Records Scholastic
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in They're Bee-Hind You! A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in Dawn of the Underlord A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in Cut to the Chase A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in the Big Bad Wolf A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in the Baddest Day Ever A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in Open Wide and Say Arrrgh! A.Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in the One?! A. Blabey
 2-8-24  The Bad Guys in Superbad A. Blabey
 2-8-24  Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever R. Russell
 2-8-24  Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday R. Russell 
 2-8-24  Dork Diaries Rales from a Not-So-Friendly Frenemy R. Russell 
 2-8-24  Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After R. Russell 
 2-8-24  Dork Diaries tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker R. Russell 
 2-8-24  Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl R. Russell 
 2-8-24  Wings of Fire The Graphic Novel Book 7 Winter Turning  T. Sutherland
 2-8-24  Too Cute! Baby Cats  C Leaf
 2-8-24  Yasmin the Superhero  S Faruqi
 2-8-24  Pokemon Battle with the Ultr Beast  S. Whitehill
 2-8-24 Captain Underpants Double-Crunchy Book O'Fun  D. Pilkey 
 2-8-24  You Can Draw It! Aircraft  J. Eppard
 2-8-24  Origami Zoo Animals  P. Fohlder
 2-8-24  Pokemon How to Draw Deluxe Edition  M Barbo
 2-8-24 Pokemon Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook   Scholastic
 2-8-24  Pokemon 5-Minute Phonics  Scholastic
 2-8-24  Pokemon Grand Trial Showdown  S. Whitehill
 2-8-24  Pokemon The Rescue Mission  M. Barbo
 2-8-24  Pokemon Mystery of the Missing Food  M. Barbo
 2-8-24  Pokemon Ash and Pikachu's Adventures  S Lepera
 2-8-24  Pokemon Super Special Flip Book #3 The Power of Three/Ancient Pokemon Attack Scholastic 
 2-8-24  Pokemon Super Special Flip Book #4 Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Detective/I Choose You!  Scholastic
 2-8-24 Pokemon Journey to the Orange Islands   T. West
 2-8-24  Pokemon Secret of the Pink Pokemon  T. West
 2-8-24  Pokemon Psyduck Ducks Out  J. Johnson
 2-8-24  Pokemon Talent Showdown  T. West
 2-8-24  Pokemon Race to Danger  T. West
 2-8-24  Pokemon Scyther, Heart of a Champion  S. Sweeney
 2-8-24  Pokemon Thundershock in Pummelo Stadium  T. West
 2-8-24  Pokemon The Four-Star Challenge  H. Dewin
 3-1-24  Terry's Crew  T. Crew
 3-1-24  Speak Up!  R. Burgess
 3-1-24  Amulet Book 9 Waverider  K. Kibuishi
 3-1-24  Just Beyond The Scare School  R. Stine
 3-1-24  Arcade World Dino Trouble  N. Bitt
 3-1-24  The Bailey School Kids Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots Graphic Novel  P. Low
 3-1-24  Animal Rescue Friends Friends Fur-Ever!  J. Tropper
 3-1-24 Frizzy C. Ortega
 3-1-24  Whatever After The Graphic Novel Fairest of All  S. Mlynowski
 3-1-24  Sonic the Hedgehog Zeti Hunt!  I. Flynn
 3-1-24  Miles Morales Shock Waves  J. Reynolds
 3-1-24  Into the Heartlands  R. Brown
 3-1-24  City of Dragons J. Yogis
 3-1-24 Pokemon Adventures Ruby Sapphire   H. Kusaka
 3-1-24  Baby-Sitters Club Claudia and the Bad Joke  A. Nopra
 3-1-24  Who Is the Man in the Air? Michael Jordan  G. Soria
 3-1-24  No Such Thing as Perfect  M. Rocks!
 3-1-24  Squished M. Lloyd 
 3-1-24  Nat for Nothing  M. Scrivan
 3-1-24  Pokemon Battle for the Bolt Badge S. Whitehill 
 3-1-24  Pokemon To Catch an Ultra Beast S. Whitehill
 3-1-24  Pokemon Underwater Mission S. Whitehill
 3-1-24  Cat Kid Comic Club Influencers D. Pilkey
 3-1-24  El Club De Comics De Supergatito Colaboraciones D. Pilkey
 3-1-24  Cuatro Ojos R. Ogle 
 3-1-24  Atlas De Dinosaurios Para Ninos J. Malam 
 3-1-24  Pig the Slob A. Blabey
 3-1-24  The Day the Crayons Came Home D. Daywalt
 3-1-24  Attack of the 50-Foot Fly Guy T. Arnold 
 3-1-24  Disney The Little Mermaid L. Evans 
 3-1-24  Sports Heroes Patrick Mahomes H. Dolan 
 3-1-24  Scholastic Year in Sports 2024 Scholastic
 3-1-24  The Horse Encyclopedia for Kids  E. Pembroke 
 3-1-24  World's Most Extreme Animals K. McGhee 
 3-1-24  I Am Ruby Bridges R. Bridges
 3-1-24  I Survived The Great Alaska Earth Quake, 1964 L. Tarshis 
 3-1-24  I Survived The Children's Blizzard, 1888 L. Tarshis
 3-1-24  Goosebumps House of Shivers Scariest. Book. Ever. R. Stine
 3-1-24  Wings of Fire Book 13 The Poison Jungle  T. Sutherland 
 3-1-24   Pet Rescue Adventures The Homesick Kitten H. Webb
 3-1-24  Dragon Games #1 The Thunder Egg M. Mara
 3-1-24  Dragon Girls #13 Hana the Thunder Dragon   M. Mara 
 3-1-24  Moonlight Riders #1 Fire Horse L. Chapman
 3-1-24  Love Puppies #3 Dream Team J. Brown-Wood 
 3-1-24  Love Puppies #4 Recipe for Success J. Brown-Wood
 4-23-204  The Inflatables in Bad Air Day  B. Garrod
 4-23-24  Just Discovered Amphibians D. Denega
 4-23-24  Fantasmas R. Telgemeier
 4-23-24  Dog Man The Scarlet Shedder  D. Pilkey
 4-23-24  The Gold Cadillac  M. Taylor
 4-23-24  The Dog Who Though He Was Santa  B. Wallace
 4-23-24  The Little Prince  A. de Saint-Exupery
 4-23-24  Snakes  N. Bishop
 4-23-24  Manx Fantastic Cats  H. Kissock
 4-23-24  Scottish Fold Fantastic Cats  B. Noelle